Uniquely benefits solutions that are personal. It is never been simpler to prepare, save yourself, and pay money for individual wellbeing.

Uniquely benefits solutions that are personal. It is never been simpler to prepare, save yourself, and pay money for individual wellbeing.


Observe how a PayFlex Individual HSA might help.



It is never ever been easier to prepare, save your self, and pay money for individual wellbeing. With PayFlex, you can get more value — plus savings, simpleness and convenience.

Our tools will allow you to decide how much to add and calculate your savings. As well as for wellness cost savings records (HSAs), you can observe the energy of investing.

Your reports don’t provide tax savings just. You could get exclusive discounts on numerous medical care products through CVS Pharmacy ® on the web, in the application or perhaps in the shop. footnote 1

At PayFlex, we rise above old-fashioned medical care reports. Employer-sponsored incentives and benefits help improve home budgets with an increase of how to purchase qualified services and products.


Perhaps you have found out about this?

Read the PayFlex Individual HSA to see simply how much you their site can save yourself. You don’t like to miss this possibility if:

You’re age 55 or older as well as your partner has an HSA. You can start your own HSA and add $1,000 every year.

You’re under age 26 and included in your parent’s HDHP. If you’re not advertised being a reliant to their taxation return, you might be entitled to start your own personal HSA.

You have got an HSA, but you’d choose to open an HSA with PayFlex and move your funds so that your money is all in one single destination.

INDIVIDUALS mount up your tax cost cost cost savings

Interested in just how much you might conserve by having a PayFlex health care account? Just plug in your figures. This calculator will reveal feasible taxation cost savings on qualified out-of-pocket costs footnote 2 .

footnote † For estimate that is best, enter an amount lower than or corresponding to the pretax share limitation: healthcare FSA: $2,750; HSA: $3,600 (specific coverage) and $7,200 (family members protection); Age 55 or older: you might add an extra $1,000 to your HSA.

TYPICAL ELIGIBLE HEALTHCARE COSTS spending that is tax-free eligible medical care costs

Read the range of typical health that is eligible costs. Make use of the search bar to get particular products and solutions. Or perhaps you can click the line headers into the dining dining table to determine what qualify, eligible with a Letter of Medical Necessity (LOMN), or otherwise not eligible.

Showing outcomes for ” “

footnote 1 Promotional offers, available in-store at CVS Pharmacy or on the web at CVS.com for qualified PayFlex HSA/FSA people.

footnote 2 You’ll would you like to accumulate your total healthcare costs each year. These can include:

Health: deductibles, copays, co-insurance, medical care provider visits, prescription medications, over-the-counter things, insulin, diabetic issues syringes and materials, annual wellness exams, chiropractic remedies along with other medical expenses

Dental: checkups and cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures, lips surgery, orthodontics (braces) as well as other dental costs

Vision/hearing: exams, eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, lenses and cleaning solutions, corrective attention surgery (LASIK, cataract), hearing exams, hearing aids, batteries as well as other eyesight or hearing costs

footnote 3 Savings quotes assume yearly IRS FSA and HSA share limitations or your expenses that are total whichever is less. Talk to your company to master the exact limitations for your plan. With this calculation, we utilized a cost cost savings of 21% to assume federal, state and security that is social you could avoid with pretax efforts. This calculation is simply an estimate. It really is tax advice that is n’t. Pose a question to your income tax advisor to get down exactly how much you may save your self by simply making contributions that are pretax. Real taxation cost savings be determined by several things. Some of those entail state and regional income tax prices, your taxation bracket as well as the FICA taxation price.


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