Most useful Oculus Quest 2 VR Fitness Games for Workout & Workouts

Most useful Oculus Quest 2 VR Fitness Games for Workout & Workouts

The Oculus Quest happens to be a favorite for digital truth physical fitness enthusiasts because of its not enough cords. Initially, it lacked as much fitness games as other headsets, but 2020 saw numerous games that are great ported up to the device as well as the Oculus Quest 2 get released. Ideal for travel, the headset has won our VR Headset that is best of the season inside our 2019 and 2020 VR Fitness Awards. If you’re simply starting out in your fitness journey, we recommend looking into our Oculus Quest VR physical fitness guide. Otherwise, carry on to learn in regards to the best Oculus Quest 2 VR fitness games of 2021.

The Best Oculus Quest 2 workouts in 2021

If you’re interested in a lot more forms of physical physical fitness games, have a look at our listings associated with top 25 VR fitness games and greatest free workout games, and our headset certain listings for HTC Vive, Valve Index, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Then Harmonix is a developer you have learned to know and appreciate if you are a fan of rhythm games. The creators of Guitar Hero, rock-band, and Fuser, also have made the best reality that is virtual games aswell. In reality, the Boston-based developer’s Audica manages to mix a first-person shooter with rhythm elements to produce a distinctive experience which will offer your arms a test. You will find 33 tracks to relax and play (with a lot more available as online content), that may each have you shooting various color goals. This has plenty of replayability and a nice learning curve with multiple difficulty settings and leaderboards.

Audica was offered an exercise score much like walking by the VR Institute of Health and Workout. Based on its rating, players will burn off 4 calories each minute while playing and typical 9 squats each hour. The overall game is available regarding the Oculus shop for $29.99.

Audio Trip

Then Audio Trip is a great option if you prefer to dance your way to burning calories. Players remain active simply by using their hands to stimulate drums while additionally moving off the beaten track of obstacles. It provides a complete body exercise regime that could be made much more effective in the event that you squat under barriers. There are several popular music artists when you look at the sound recording Lady that is including Gaga Skrillex, Zedd, and deadmau5.

Sound Trip was provided a physical physical fitness score similar to tennis because of the VR Institute of wellness and do exercises and contains a 7.9 calories each and every minute score this is certainly much like rowing. It’s currently available in the Oculus shop for $19.99.

Image Credit: Dylan Fitterer

Another amazing rhythm game is Audioshield, that was one of many 1st digital reality workout games. Despite it being older, it is nevertheless a good work out since it makes use of a sophisticated type of the Audiosurf algorithm (also produced by designer Dylan Fitterer) to produce custom levels in relation to the songs you’re playing. You’re getting a great supply work out as you block items with both of your hands and duck into various jobs.

Audioshield happens to be provided a fitness score much like tennis by the VR Institute of wellness and do exercises, although mods may bring it as much as a cycling equivalency. In accordance with its rating, players will burn off 5.5 calories each minute and typical 75 squats each hour. The overall game is designed for $19.99 from the Oculus shop.

Beat Saber

Needless to say, Beat Saber would definitely result in the range of the best Oculus Quest VR physical fitness games. Beat Games’ revolutionary rhythm game has grown to become a sensation and it is simple to play you slicing different color beats with energy swords as it has. Although it’s an easy premise, it gets quite complicated on higher difficulty levels. There’s also an unmatched number of replayability as a result of leaderboards and gameplay that is multiple. Plus, there was great DLC featuring performers like Green Day, Panic! in the Disco, as well as the K-pop team BTS.

Beat Saber happens to be provided a physical fitness score similar to tennis by the VR Institute of wellness and Workout and it has a 7.9 calories each minute score that is similar to rowing. Beat Saber ended up being granted our VR Fitness Game of the season in 2018, our arm that is best Workout VR Fitness Game of the season in 2019, and our Best Rhythm VR Fitness Game of the season in 2020. The video game is present in the Oculus shop for $29.99.


The most unique titles on our list, Blaston is just a cool twist on the bullet-hell shooter genre. While you can still find bullets that are countless, they move around in sluggish movement and players will need to go taken care of from their store. The multiplayer battles are intense and has now ver quickly become a favorite that is competitive. There’s no shortage of replayability and also you will make an effort to discover most of its nuances while you undertake other players.

In accordance with our assessment, Blaston will burn around 3 calories each minute of play and is designed for $9.99 regarding the Oculus shop. It won our most useful New VR Fitness Game associated with the 12 months in 2020.

Creed: Increase to Glory

The very first boxing game on our list is Creed: Rise to Glory. In relation to the “Rocky” movie successor, it offers you stepping into the footwear of Adonis Creed and face down against a few of the larger-than-life boxers through the show. as you’re able to expect from the boxing game, this can be among the best arm exercises in digital truth because you will need certainly to punch down your opponents. It is not as realistic as several other boxing VR games, however it nevertheless has you centering on protection and it has a huge amount of replayability many many thanks to on line play being available.

Creed: Rise to Glory happens to be provided a physical physical fitness rating similar to tennis by the VR Institute of Health and Exercise. The overall game features a rating of 6.4 calories burned each and every minute therefore the title that is boxing have players doing on average 29 squats each hour. It won our VR that is best Boxing Fitness Game of the season in 2018 and it is now available from the Oculus shop for $29.99 (a totally free demo can also be available).

Dance Central VR

The 2nd Harmonix name on our set of the best Oculus Quest VR physical fitness games is Dance Central VR. This adapts their popular dance game to virtual truth and could have you dancing along to songs like “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar. It’s a dancing that is great and you may discover some lighter moments, calorie-burning choreography on the way. With a few trouble levels, perhaps the many uncoordinated gamer can have a great time learning how to dancing.

Dance Central VR is solely available from the Oculus shop for $29.99 and a demo that is free additionally be tested.


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